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Basso Peanut Oil 1 x 1ltr

Basso Peanut Oil 1 x 1ltr

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Peanut oil is the one that is closest to Extra Virgin Olive Oil by way of chemical properties.  It is recommended in the diets of those who want to counteract the accumulation of cholesterol and triglycerides.
An oil whose resistance to high temperatures also makes it among the most suitable for frying, with a smoke point that reaches the surprising temperature of 230 °.

Peanut seeds come from the splendid and sunny lands of Brazil and Senegal, which after being dried are subjected to a scrupulous and complex processing to produce the oil.

Very good on......

In addition to frying, peanut oil can also give great results for the preparation of vegetable preserves or as a substitute of butter for the preparation of sweets. Moreover, it is phenomenal to make mayonnaise, to which it gives a decidedly original flavor.


Nutrition for 100 gram, Energy Value 900 Kcal 3700 Kj Protein 0 gram, Carbohydrates 0 gram Fats 100 gram  saturated 18 gram mono unsaturated 56 gram  polyunsaturated 26 gram Cholesterol 0 mg.

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