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Cloverhill Crumble Mix 1 x 3.5 kilogram

Cloverhill Crumble Mix 1 x 3.5 kilogram

  • €1499

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Palm & Rapeseed Oil, Sugar, Dextrose, Salt, Acidity Regulator Ascorbic Acid Dry Mix Whole bag 3.5 kg will top three 32.5 cm x 26.5 cm gastro norm containers.Whole bag 7lb 11oz will top three 13" x 10" 1/2 gastro norm containers. Mixing Instructions. Use crumble mix straight from the bag. Spread evenly over the filling to cover evenly. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes until golden brown. Nutrition per 100 gram As sold. Energy 1864Kj 444Kcal, Protein 5.51 gram Carohydrates 64.22 gram of which sugars 24.68 gram, Fat 18.99 gram, of which saturates 5.59 gram Fibre 2.05 gram, Sodium 0.05 gram, Calcium 0.01 mg. Contains Gluten, Contains Wheat, May Contain Eggs, May Contain Milk, May Contain Soya Soybeans. 0% Vat Product.

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