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John West Kipper In Oil 10 X 160KGM

John West Kipper In Oil 10 X 160KGM

  • €2299

Country of Origin Ireland. Kipper Fillets, Sunflower Oil, Salt. Can be eaten hot or cold. To heat either remove from the can and microwave in a suitable covered container to manufacturers instructions or heat in the can by immersing the unopened can in boiling water, simmering for 7 minutes, placing the can in cold water for 10 seconds then covering with a cloth when lifting the ring pull tab. Nutrition drained product Amount per 100g,  Energy 987 kJ/238 kcal, Protein 19.1g Carbohydrate trace of which   sugars Trace. Fat 17.9g,  of which saturates 3.6g, of which polyunsaturates 4.2g of which Omega 3 2.1g, Fibre Trace, Sodium 0.6g, Salt equivalent  1.5g. 0% Vat Product.

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