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Odlums Quick Bread Farmhouse Brown 10 x 450grm

Odlums Quick Bread Farmhouse Brown 10 x 450grm

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Ready to bake in 2 minutes. Farmhouse brown bread mix. Contains whole-grains, Yeast free. Packed In Ireland Ingredients Whole-wheat Flour 73%, Oat-flakes, Whey Powder, Raising Agents Sodium Bicarbonate, Acid Calcium Phosphate, Mono Calcium Phosphate, Wheat-flour, Wheat-germ, Salt. You will need 300ml/ 1/2 pint water cold .900g/2lb loaf tin well greased 1. Preheat oven to 200°C/400°F/Gas 6 .2. Empty contents of pack into a mixing bowl and add cold water. Mix thoroughly with a spoon. 3. Spoon dough into 2lb loaf tin. Spread evenly, smooth surface and dust with flour. Made a cut 3/4" deep lengthwise along centre. 4. Bake for 40-45 minutes or until crust is golden brown.5. Turn out onto a wire tray and cool completely before slicing.FAN OVEN. As baking characteristics of fan ovens vary, always check your manufacturer's guidelines. STORE IN A DRY, COOL PLACE. Nutrition per 100g dry mix. Energy 309kcal/1314kJ, Protein 10.8g Carbohydrate 61.7g, of which sugars 6.8g. Fat 2.4g. of which saturates 0.4g. Fibre 7.9g, Sodium 1.0g. Contains Gluten, Contains Wheat, May Contain Eggs, Contains Milk, May Contain Soya Soybeans Suitable for Vegetarians. 0% Vat Product.

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