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Pedigree Original in Loaf Can Dog Food 12 x 400 gram

  • €1999

Pedigree Original in Loaf Can Dog Food Pedigree Can Adult Wet Dog Food Chunks in Loaf Original Single 400g is 100% complete and balanced and made with selected natural ingredients, plus vitamins and minerals, delivering everything that is essential to fuel all dogs exuberant love of life. Together, we can reduce the environmental impact of our dog food cans and packagings. All Pedigree adult dog food can recipes are made with No palm oil and sourced with care. Pedigree canned dog food contains no added sugar, no added artificial flavours and preservatives. Pedigree high quality dog food contains fibres from natural sources, for an optimal digestion. At Pedigree, we believe that dogs are good for us. The Pedigree complete range of tasty and wholesome dog food and rewarding dog treats delivers everything that is essential to support and fuel all dogs exuberant love of life. So that day after day, dog owners can feed the good in their dogs. Pedigree canned dog food recipes are made with natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals to be 100% complete and balanced


Meat and Animal Derivatives (42%, Natural* 95%, including Beef 4% and Liver 4%), Cereals, Minerals, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin (including Dried Beet Pulp 0.5%), *Natural ingredients


Best before date, batch number, factory identification number: see bottom of pack.

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Mars Petcare