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Always Ultra Pads Long Plus Single 12 x 11 piece

Always Ultra Pads Long Plus Single 12 x 11 piece

  • €4099

If you tend to worry about certain odours when you're on your period, you're not alone. A lot of women do. So why not rely on the new, improved Always Ultra with Acti Pearls? It was designed to neutralise odours rather than just masking it. So you can feel fresh every day and night of your period. If your flow is heavier, you might feel more comfortable with extra protection at the back* but also at the sides. Always Ultra Long Plus is longer at the back and also has wings to protect your knickers no matter how you move. You'll hardly know you're wearing a pad, the only thing you'll notice is how well you're protected. When it comes to protection Always has a great range of pads so that you can feel just as you want to during your period. Always pads come with and without wings, normal length or long and with extra protection for the night. You can choose silky soft protection, with scent and even with an individual feminine wipe attached. All Always Ultra pads have the unique Secure Guard TM design and super absorbent core, which locks fluid away and helps keep it right away from the edges of the pad. Check out the Always range and also Always liners for everyday hygiene and protection. *versus normal size.

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