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Tampax Cef Super 8 x 20pce

Tampax Cef Super 8 x 20pce

  • €2999

Feel clean and confident for up to 8 hours* thanks to to Tampax tampons with cardboard applicator. The tampon has an absorbent core and an anti-leak skirt that gives you an additional layer of back-up protection. Also, the applicator has an anti-slip grip that helps you hold the applicator and position the tampon in the right place. Tampax Super tampons with cardboard applicator are designed for medium to heavy flow days during your period. They also make for excellent, long lasting protection during the night for up to 8 hours*.Which tampon is right for you? Have questions if you should wear tampons or pads? Tampax has the answers at Try Tampax Pearl, our best protection that comes in a 5 times smoother** applicator, for a more comfortable insertion.* use maximum 8 hours** vs. Tampax cardboard. 0% Vat Product.

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