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Back to school.

Posted by Siobhan McIlfatrick on

Its that expensive time of year again! Back to school, every parents dread, the time consuming mission, making sure that your child has all the stationery needed to last them the year. Its so annoying every year buying new pens, rubbers etc.. Here at buy bulk you can stock up and take the stress out of getting the school supplies. If you are a large family even better! At Buy Bulk we stock assorted highlighter pens, ballpoint pens in blue, black and red, you can find tippex rapid correction fluid for those days full of mistakes or just normal old style rubbers for erasing pencil mistakes. We stock rulers, A4 refill pads a must on all school lists. For maths class we stock calculators and for those hard on the led, we stock only the best, winner pencils. We also stock lever arch files. For those sticky moments you can buy some cello tape and not forgetting if you would like us to stock anything that you cant see do get in touch through our contact page and we will see what we cant do. Buy Bulk and save time.


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