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Irish & English Expats

Posted by Siobhan McIlfatrick on

Living abroad is an excellet way to experience different cultures, a variety of new foods, the way other nationalities live and enjoy their lives, if you are or have had the opportunity to live in another country? you will truly view this as an excellent learnig curve and an additon to the makings of a happy enjoyable life. 

Living in another country is not by far for the faint hearted, it takes a lot of courage, strenght and ambition, not everyone can take a step into the unknown, I certainly  believe that if one can muster up the strenght to make the move, it will always be remembered as an excellent life choice, even given any bad and difficult situations you may experience. Life has never been a bed of roses for anyone!

At BuyBulk we have experience of living in different countries, thats why we decided on the business we do, if you are away from home and would like to send any of your friends or family there favourtie chocolate or sweets, you can do so from our website, we will add your personal message for free. While you create special memories living abroad, we create special memories for your loved ones, by delivering personal gifts with messages. 

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