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Cadbury Creme Egg Celebrates 50 Years

Posted by Siobhan McIlfatrick on

Its hard to believe, Cadbury Creme Egss, 50th birthday! A favourite for all, Cadbury Creme Eggs are back for a while. Produced by Cadbury in the United Kingdom, Cadbury Adams in Canada and by The Hershey Company in the United States. Approxitmately 1.5 million are produced a day in the UK. Previously the Creme Egg has been ranked the most famous confectionary in the UK, it goes on sale from January until Easter, soon after Easter Cadbury Creme Eggs dissappear from shop shelves causing great disappointment. In 1923 the Cadbury Brothers first introduced filled eggs, the creme eggs were once sold as Fry's Creme Eggs but were renamed "Cadbury's Creme Eggs" in 1971. Buy your eggs now, before the season ends, don't be disappointed!

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