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At BulkBuy we stock a large range of your favourite chocolate bars. The following is a brief history of Cadbury

John Cadbury opened a grocery shop in 1824 in Birmingham, he promoted cocoa and drinking chocolate, he mainly promoted non alcoholic drinks such as tea, coffee etc... In 1831 John Cadbury purchased a warehouse to begin manufacturing commercially. In 1847 business was booming, a new larger factory was purchased in the centre of Birmingham. In 1861 John Cadbury retired following health issues, handing down the business to his sons George and Richard aged 21 and 25. Times were tough other cocoa manufacturers were closing down.

The first milk chocolate bar was produced in 1875 by a Swiss manufacturer called Daniel Peter. Cadbury produced their own milk chocolate bars in 1897. Swiss milk chocolate had the biggest share of the English market, the Cadbury family worked to change this in the 20th Century. Cadbury produced their first Easter egg in 1875. In 1878 the Cadbury brothers purchased a 14½ acre greenfield site. In 1879 16 houses were built on site for management staff.

Cadbury milk chocolate went on sale to the public in 1897. Cadbury Dairy Milk was launched in June 1905, it was Cadbury’s biggest seller by the beginning of World War 1. Bournville chocolate was produced in 1908. It was named after factory where it was made. Frys Turkish Delight was produced in 1914.Milk tray was produced in 1915. Cadbury Flake was produced in 1920. The first Irish Cadbury factory was built in 1933 in Dublin. World war affected business greatly. After world war two the Cadbury workers worked hard to regain business. In 1948 Fudge was produced. In 1948 Cadbury built a chocolate crumb factory in Co Kerry in Ireland.

In 1964 a new factory was opened in Coolock in Dublin, many new products were produced. In 1969 Cadbury merged with Schweppes. In the seventies the Curly Wurly, Crème Egg and old Jamaica were produced. Additions in the eighties were Twirl, Moro, Chomp, Wispa and Boost bars. In 1990 Cadbury World opened Cadbury World attracting up to 350,000 visitors in year 1.

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