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Vit-Hit is an exciting range of soft drink concentrate from fruits, B vitamins, vitamin C,  amino acids, vitamin c, minerals, water, green and white tea extracts, antioxidants and Sucralose. At present we offer for sale, Berry Guarana And Ginseng, Leangreen Apple and Revive Citrus With Ginseng, all sold in 12 x 500 gram plastic bottles. We will add more flavors of the range soon. 

Gary Lavin, co-founder and Managing Director of VitHit, the drinks are manufactured by Pepsi, the drinks first entered the market in 2015.

Vit-Hit drinks are great, unique, sweet tasting and contain just 35 calories per bottle, an excellent choice for people looking for an easy, pleasant detox due to the mix of vitamins and spring water and the equivalent of three cups of green tea extract which aid with weight loss.

There are a wide range of flavors to choose from and all contain 100% of the daily recommended vitamins, natural ingredients and herbs, so with the busy lives we lead, Vit-Hit is the drink to keep us fit and revitalised. 


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